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The SSCHAFER x PEI YI collection is a collaborative effort between Naarm fashion label SSCHAFER and PEI YI.


Drawing on the two designers’ distinct styles, the pieces combine their mutual interest in fetishism as a private and fluid form of self actualisation. The inspiration behind the chainmail set was derived from exploring kink as deviance versus kink as play. Archetypal fem-doms such as Joan of Arc, Aeon Flux and Xena the Warrior Princess heavily influenced our research and development, as did medieval torture devices (chastity belts, scold’s bridles) and Pony Play. 

Photography: Agnieszka Chabros / H&MU: Rob Povey /

Retouching: Helen Studios

Photography: Joshua Hourigan / Hair: Zeïna Thiboult / MUA: Ivy Reynolds / Talent: Kat @ Stone Street Agency

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